Will Writing 1

It is critical for you to write your Will so that all your assets can be distributed according to your own wishes upon your death. Failing to write a Will means that distribution of your assets are decided by the Distribution Act 1958 which may not reflect your wishes.

A Will is a written document specifying exactly how your assets are to be distributed upon your death.

At MyFP, besides helping you write a proper Will, we take you through the necessary steps for you to evaluate the best possible options for your Will. We can answer the concerns you may have about getting an appropriate Will done for your specific circumstances and with the utmost confidentiality.

Best of all, we charge a standard Fixed Fee for your Will, irrespective of its complexity or the number of clauses that needs to go into having your Will properly written and valid. MyFP also provides Wasiat writing services for Muslims.

Will Writing 2

MyFP works with independent third party corporate trustees that can provide you safekeeping services for your Will/Wasiat. Where needed, our corporate trustees can be the executor in your Will/Wasiat to distribute your assets on your demise, especially where you are unable to decide on a trusted and competent person to be your executor.

Contact us now for a meeting and find out all about our Will/Wasiat writing advice and services.

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