Mission Values


MyFP’s mission is to be the preferred private and family wealth management firm fully committed to meeting and exceeding the financial planning needs and expectations of mass affluent and high net-worth individuals and families.



Our core values defines us as MyFP consultants and we serve our clients by:-

  • Enriching your experience with us.
  • Developing long-term, mutually beneficial and trusted relationships with you.
  • Placing prime importance on your privacy and your financial security.

We value clients and staff who are:

  • Committed to excellence in everything they do with us.
  • Team players that work together based on mutual respect and understanding.
  • Ethical and upholds a high level of integrity.

Our quest is for MyFP to be known for these ideals:-

  • Competency – supported by qualified, experienced and licensed consultants, staff and partners.
  • Comprehensive – offer holistic financial solutions to achieve all your inter-related goals.
  • Client-Centered – committed to a fiduciary relationship where clients interest are placed first.
  • Compensation-neutral – adopt a fee-based advisory model to facilitate unbiased advice and services.
  • Complete Disclosure – provide full disclosure and explanation of fees and possible conflict of interests.
  • Confidential – ensuring that all clients dealings remains confidential at all times.



MyFP takes a ‘holistic’ or integrated approach to financial planning covering the entire range of our client’s financial needs including :-

  • Wealth accumulation
  • Wealth protection
  • Wealth preservation
  • Wealth distribution.

We value our independence and will ensure our financial planning advice is unbiased and will only recommend product solutions where necessary and where it meets the financial objectives of our clients.